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Introduction to Logic 9

  • Number of Lessons: 31

Course Outline

This course will take you through the very basics of the Logic 9 and soon get you working and making music. We will start with getting you to grips with all the different area's in Logic, so that you will gain confidence and a better understanding of how to get going. This is not just a set of tutorials but a structured course with Templates to work from and Full course notes to follow. You will receive tasks and goals before each tutorial and a main task at the end of each section designed to really move you forward and test your Knowledge.

Course tutor Graeme Lloyd is a regular at the top of the UK dance charts with recent tracks hitting the number 2 spot and appearing in both the UK buzz chart and the music week club chart. Graeme is also a regular at Ministry of Sound in London and plays across the global clubbing scene.

At the start of the course we will spend time and set you goals so that you really understand how the programme works, then its onto making the music and beginning to build a track. The tasks are designed to make sure you have fully grasped the lessons and we will even advise you on how much time you should spend working through your goals.

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Course Content

  • Lesson 01
    Getting to know your way around Logic
  • Lesson 02
    Starting a Project
  • Lesson 03
    Let's Make Loops
  • Lesson 04
    Exploring Midi
  • Lesson 05
    Building a Loop
  • Lesson 06
    Musical Structure
  • Lesson 07
    Making Drum Beats House
  • Lesson 08
    Making Drum Beats Dub-Step
  • Lesson 09
    Making Drum Beats Hip Hop
  • Lesson 10
    Making Drum Beats Drum & Bass
  • Lesson 11
    Recording MIDI
  • Lesson 12
  • Lesson 13
  • Lesson 14
    Creating your Drum Loop
  • Lesson 15
  • Lesson 16
  • Lesson 17
    Percussion part 2
  • Lesson 18
    Adding Effects and Plug-ins
  • Lesson 19
  • Lesson 20
  • Lesson 21
    Adding Delay
  • Lesson 22
  • Lesson 23
    Making Bass In The ES1 and EXS24
  • Lesson 24
    Assessment and Tasks
  • Lesson 25
  • Lesson 26
    Building Your Track
  • Lesson 27
    Arrangement Part 2
  • Lesson 28
    Automation Part 1
  • Lesson 29
    Automation Part 2
  • Lesson 30
    Automation Finishing Off
  • Lesson 31
    End of Course Task
  • Number of Lessons: 31

Course Instructor(s)

Graeme Lloyd

Graeme Lloyd

With over 25 year experience in the music industry SubBass founder Graeme Lloyd uses that knowledge to help aspiring DJs and music producers carve a career in the industry.

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