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Its All About...... Logic Pro X Synths with D.Ramirez (Part 2)

  • Number of Lessons: 43

Course Outline

In the 2nd part of Its All About...... Logic Pro X Synths with D.Ramirez, you will look at some of the newer and updated synths in Logic Pro X. Starting with the Arpeggiator you will learn to design your bass line using one of the coolest features available in Logic X. Understanding how to use the arpeggiator properly will give you powerful tools when creating bass-lines. You will also learn how to program drum patterns and some top processing tips thrown in.

The course then moves on to Retro synth, again a new feature in Logic X and a really powerful synth, D.Ramirez will guide you through how Retro synth works and how it can be best used when making music.

The final part of this course looks at Alchemy, and D.Ramirez really uncovers the secrets of this very powerful plug-in, guiding you through how to use Alchemy and how to get the best from it.

With over 8 hours of content, this is the perfect course for any music producer this course is perfect for all levels, although we recommend a good basic knowledge of Logic X to get the most from this online music production course. If you are new to Logic then we recommend our Level 1 music production course before moving onto this course

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Course Content

  • Lesson 01
    The Arpeggiator
  • Lesson 02
    Latch Modes, extracting Midi
  • Lesson 03
    Note Order and Variations
  • Lesson 04
    Pattern Mode and Options
  • Lesson 05
    Keyboard and Controller Options
  • Lesson 06
    Making Bass Lines
  • Lesson 07
    Creating a Melody
  • Lesson 08
    Processing the Melody
  • Lesson 09
    Adding a Polyrhythmic Chord Groove
  • Lesson 10
    Creating Hi Hat Patterns
  • Lesson 11
    Creating Old Skool Drum Fills
  • Lesson 12
    Retro Synth (Introduction)
  • Lesson 13
    Analog Oscillator Section
  • Lesson 14
    Filter Section and Effects
  • Lesson 15
    Glide and Modulation Section
  • Lesson 16
    Global And Controller Section
  • Lesson 17
    The Sync Synth
  • Lesson 18
    The Table Synth PT1
  • Lesson 19
    The Table Synth PT2
  • Lesson 20
    The FM Synth
  • Lesson 21
    Making Bass Sounds
  • Lesson 22
    Making Chord And Pad Sounds
  • Lesson 23
    Making Leads and Pluck Sounds
  • Lesson 24
  • Lesson 25
    The Performance Controls
  • Lesson 26
    The Advanced Tab and Signal Flow
  • Lesson 27
    The MSEG Envelope
  • Lesson 28
    The MSEG Envelope part 2
  • Lesson 29
    The Sequencer and LFO's
  • Lesson 30
    The Mod Map
  • Lesson 31
    The Arpeggiator and Arp Mod
  • Lesson 32
    Importing Audio and Spectral mode
  • Lesson 33
    Additive Synthesis
  • Lesson 34
    Spectral Editing
  • Lesson 35
    Setting Up The Performance Controls
  • Lesson 36
    The Morph Feature
  • Lesson 37
    Granular Synthesis
  • Lesson 38
    The Envelope Follower
  • Lesson 39
    Alchemy - Sound Design Pads
  • Lesson 40
    Alchemy - Sound Design Granular Vocals
  • Lesson 41
    Alchemy - Sound Design Gated Pad
  • Lesson 42
    Alchemy - outro
  • Number of Lessons: 43

Course Instructor(s)



D Ramirez's is one of the best known names in the electronic music Industry and brings his wealth of Knowledge and talent to SubBass

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