Logic Pro Modules One & Two

24 weeks - 144 hours class time - Save £400 booking both Modules

  • Timetable: Module One - Thursdays 11am - 5pm Module Two Fridays 11am - 5pm Evening classes run Monday and Tuesdays from 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Fees: £2,500.00 | Pay a £400 deposit now and pay the balance in monthly instalments.
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Course Outline

The SubBass 6 month Logic course covers both level one and level two modules, taking you on a journey from the very basics of Logic pro right through to deeper production techniques all in one course. Students will start with the level one course and here you will get to grips with the program and quickly understand how to use this powerful piece of software to create your music. During the first part of the course you will learn how to create your first tracks and understand the fundamentals of music production.

Booking both modules together saves you £400 compared to booking separately.

Then you will move on level two, here you will dive deeper into music creation and develop your sound. We will look at hardware like the Roland AIRA range as-well as 3rd party plug-ins like Sylenth and Complete. During the 2nd part of the course you will be working with professional vocalist Lizzie Curious and recording your own vocal track in the SubBass live room.

The full 6 month course will take you on a musical journey which with lots of hard work and dedication you will emerge with your music production talents honed and polished ready to release your first tracks. With a maximum class size of just 6 students you will receive more 121 time and attention from our tutors. We can cover so much more than other longer courses as we have less students and can dedicate more time to you. With SubBass courses you get the best of both class room and 121 tuition for an incredible price.

All students will receive a Certificate Of Completion upon successfully completing this course.

  • Exploring and Understanding Logic
  • The Logic Interface Explained
  • Starting Projects and Using Templates
  • Working With Apple Loops
  • Creating Drums with Ultrabeat
  • Creating Drums With Logic's EXS24
  • How to Sample Audio
  • Working with Drum Grooves
  • Quantize Tools in Logic
  • Velosity Tools in Logic
  • Create Swing for Groove
  • Creating Your Sound
  • Using and Working with Samples
  • Working With MIDI and Audio Loops
  • Tempo and Time stretching
  • Understanding Effects
  • Understanding Dynamics
  • Routing and Bussing to Effects
  • Which Effects to Use and Why
  • Proper use of EQ in Music Production
  • Understanding Compression Techniques
  • Frequency Ranges of Music
  • Delays and Reverbs
  • Distortion and Its use in Music Production
  • Mixing Your Music Properly
  • The Mixer Explained
  • Sound Levels Explained
  • Mixing Down your Music
  • Master Levels
  • How we use Logic Plug-ins
  • Synthesis and Creating Bass
  • Oscillators
  • Filter
  • Enveloping
  • LFO
  • The Arpeggiator
  • Retro Synth
  • Creating Melodic Patterns
  • Arrangement Techniques & Track Structure
  • How to use Automation in Logic
  • Speaker Positioning
  • Room Treatment
  • Key Features of Logic X
  • Drum Grooves and Rhythms
  • Live Drum Machines
  • Tuning Drums
  • Compression
  • Advance compression techniques
  • EQ and Mix Techniques
  • Analogue Synthesis
  • Software Synthesis
  • Sound Design
  • Processing Bass
  • Processing Melody
  • Vocal recording
  • Working with Microphones
  • Live Vocal Recording
  • Processing vocals
  • Structure and Arrangement
  • Effective use of sends
  • Bus Processing
  • Mix templates
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • AUX and Master channels
  • Saturation in the mix
  • Industry Insight

Course Instructor(s)

Alex Grover

Alex Grover

Young, fresh and talented DJ and Music producer brings his skills and enthusiasm to the SubBass classroom.

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Karim Mokaddem

Karim Mokaddem

With over 10 years of music industry experience, Karim has been producing and engineering on tracks of virtually every genre

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Reserve your space today with a deposit of just £400 then choose to pay either the balance 2 weeks before the start of the course or with monthly instalments spread over 3 or 6 months. Instalment options are only available when booking a minimum of 30 days before the start date. Booking early allows you to spread the cost of the course over a longer period.

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