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Logic Pro X Essential Selection

  • Number of Lessons: 27

Course Outline

We have created a unique online music production course looking at the essential selection of plug ins you need to know more than any others. Compression, EQ Reverb and Delay are the fundamental plug ins to learn for any music producer. This course with 28 lessons will cover all 4 plug ins and get you applying and working with them in the correct way within your music.

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Course Content

  • Lesson 01
    Intro to EQ
  • Lesson 02
    Multi Band EQ Parameters
  • Lesson 03
    Low & High Cuts - Cleaning Up
  • Lesson 04
    Hi & Low Shelf - Wide Areas
  • Lesson 05
    Kick & Bass - Scultping Low Frequencies
  • Lesson 06
    Shaping and Shifting
  • Lesson 07
    Reworking the Volumes and Fine Tuning
  • Lesson 08
    Intro To Compression
  • Lesson 09
    Character Compression
  • Lesson 10
    Leveling Compression
  • Lesson 11
    Side Chain Compression
  • Lesson 12
    Circuits - Classic VCA
  • Lesson 13
    Circuits - Studio FET
  • Lesson 14
    Circuits - Vintage Opto
  • Lesson 15
    Circuits - Vintage VCA
  • Lesson 16
    Intro to Reverb
  • Lesson 17
    Room Reverb
  • Lesson 18
    Medium Reverb
  • Lesson 19
    Long Reverb
  • Lesson 20
    Space Designer- Envelopes, Filters and New Parameters
  • Lesson 21
    Loading IR's & Warped Effects
  • Lesson 22
    Intro To Delays
  • Lesson 23
    Tape Delays
  • Lesson 24
    Stereo Delay
  • Lesson 25
    Echo - Background Lock-in
  • Lesson 26
    Slap Back Delay & 40ms Metal Ring
  • Number of Lessons: 27

Course Instructor(s)

Fabio Lendrum

Fabio Lendrum

Young, Fresh and talented music production tutor Fabio Lendrum brings a dynamic and modern approach to the SubBass classroom.

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"I recently went through the SubBass 'making house music' and 'how to make electro and big beats' online courses and thought they were both fantastic... Overall I'd say these courses are amongst the very best resources I've ever found."

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