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Making House In Logic X With D.Ramirez

  • Number of Lessons: 34

Course Outline

D.Ramirez is a worldwide superstar DJ and Producer, with huge smash hits behind him like 'Downpipe' and having worked with the likes of Mark Knight and Underworld, now bring his talent and knowledge to SubBass. Follow Dean, as he create a track from start to finish, showing you just how the pros work. He dives into some of Logic X newest and best features, Including; Track Stacks, Chord Trigger and The Arpeggiator, as well as explaining how to create drums, bass and melody. Even how to work with and pitch shift vocal samples, this is a hugely in-depth course, that any house music producer will love. Dean will recommend and show you how to use some of his favourite 3rd party plug-ins, aswell as looking at Logics own synths and plug-ins.

This course is for Intermediate and advanced logic users and music producers, and will be great to users of earlier versions of Logic looking to expand their skills in Logic X.

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Course Content

  • Lesson 01
    D.Ramirez - Introduction
  • Lesson 02
    Setting Up a logic Template
  • Lesson 03
    Creating a kick from audio samples
  • Lesson 04
    Processing and grouping the kick
  • Lesson 05
    Creating a kick with software plug-ins
  • Lesson 06
    Creating a drum groove
  • Lesson 07
    Drum Grooves Part 2
  • Lesson 08
    Cutting Up Loops Using the EXS24
  • Lesson 09
    Mixing and Processing Your Drums
  • Lesson 10
    Creating a Bass
  • Lesson 11
    Writing Bass
  • Lesson 12
    More Ways to Write and Edit Bass
  • Lesson 13
    Processing the Bass
  • Lesson 14
    Sidechaining the Bass
  • Lesson 15
    Create a melody Retro Synth/Chord Trigger
  • Lesson 16
    Using Pitch Shift to get a Vocal Into the Track
  • Lesson 17
    Cutting and Editing the Vocal
  • Lesson 18
    Processing The Vocals
  • Lesson 19
    Adding extra melodic Parts and Pads
  • Lesson 20
    Using Retro Synth and Arppegiator for Percussion
  • Lesson 21
    Using Retro Synth and Arppegiator for Percussion
  • Lesson 22
    Preparation for Arrangement
  • Lesson 23
    The Intro
  • Lesson 24
    Building to the Break Down
  • Lesson 25
    The Breakdown
  • Lesson 26
    The Drop and the Final Arrangement
  • Lesson 27
    Evaluating the Arrangement
  • Lesson 28
    Making Your Own White Noise Sweeps
  • Lesson 29
    Adding Extra FX from Omnisphere
  • Lesson 30
    Making Exra Spot FX And Reverses
  • Lesson 31
    The Mixdown
  • Lesson 32
    Separating Ouputs in Omnisphere
  • Lesson 33
    Basic Mastering for DJ's
  • Lesson 34
    Final Thoughts
  • Number of Lessons: 34

Course Instructor(s)



D Ramirez's is one of the best known names in the electronic music Industry and brings his wealth of Knowledge and talent to SubBass

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