NI Komplete Level 1

  • Timetable: Saturday and Sunday 12 - 4pm - 121 Please call to book your dates
  • Fees: £395.00 | Pay a £100 deposit now and pay the balance in monthly instalments.

Course Outline

SubBass Academy and Native Instruments have developed a series of courses designed to help you get the most from Komplete and Komplete Kontrol Starting with our Introduction to Komplete which will show you what to do once you get the software and or the keyboard home and out of the box. This course will focus on giving you a really good understanding of how to get the best from Komplete and the keyboard teaching you which parts of the software to use through your production.

Exploring the software and gaining a good understanding of how to get the best from it will open up a world of possibilities and creative tools. You can then move onto our follow on courses which will go deeper into specific elements of Komplete and Komplete Kontrol.

Our level one course is a great introduction to Komplete and the plugins and sounds included in the package, students attending this course should already have a good knowledge of a DAW and music production to take this course. You will learn which plugins to use in different areas of your production and how to get the best from them. From creating drums, bass and melody to using the mixing plugins this course will help you develop your creative powers and get the most from Komplete.

SubBass students also benefit from up to 50% off Native Instruments products!! To purchase NI products please contact the office on 0207 593 0435 for details

This is a bespoke 121 course with 2 x 4 hour 121 class sessions, please call 0207 593 0435 to arrange the dates and book your space.

2 day Course Content

  • What is komplete?
  • The Komplete Keyboard
  • Installing Komplete
  • Problem Solving
  • What do use for Drums
  • How to browse with the keyboard/without the keyboard
  • Programming Drums
  • What to use for Bass
  • Programming Bass
  • lead Synths
  • Programming Melodies
  • Programming Chords
  • Pads and Textures
  • Transforming Vocals
  • Arrangement
  • What to use to EQ
  • How to EQ
  • Saturation
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Compression
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Course Instructor(s)

Michael L Penman

Michael L Penman

Internationally renowned producer Michael Penman brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the SubBass classroom.

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