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Online DJ Courses

SubBass Academy has been training DJs for over 20 years and our DJ courses are now exclusively available through our online courses subscription portal. Learn how to mix from the very basics with SubBass Pro DJ tutors from the comfort of your own home. Our online DJ courses are very in depth and will teach you all you need to know. Taught by former students and now rising star Jess Bays and Subbass Head tutors Graeme Lloyd and John Taylor the lessons cover everything from basic to advanced DJ techniques. All you need to do is practice and perfect everything you learn, the added benefit is that you can pause and re-watch the lessons and demonstrations until you are mixing like a pro.

  • Learn To DJ With Jess Bays - Beyond The Basics

    Maximise your mixing with one the the UKs top pro DJs, Jess Bays. Jess will demonstrate her favourite mixing techniques and show you how you can take you mixing the club level.

  • Learn To DJ With Jess Bays

    Learn to DJ with one of the UKs rising stars and one of the most talented DJs on the global dance music scene. Jess started her journey with a SubBass DJ course and now returns to teach you how to mix from the very basics.

  • DJ Complete Online

    Now you can take our flagship full DJ course DJ Complete online. Developed at the SubBass studio in London for over 12 years this is the most comprehensive DJ course on the market.

  • Creating a DJ Mix in Ableton Live

    Modern day music production software has become a key asset to DJs when it comes to creating a DJ mix. A huge proportion of professional DJ mixes will have been created using software and Ableton Live is the leader of the pack when doing this.