Three Month Ableton Live Courses

With a 3 month Logic Pro course you can choose to start from the very basics or more experienced Ableton Live producers can jump straight into the more advanced Module 2 course.

Three Month Ableton Live Certificates

  • Ableton Live Module One

    Beginner to Intermediate £1,450.00

    Module One will take you from the very basics and give you a great foundation in Ableton Live and will introduce you to key music production techniques. We will guide you through with a step by step program developed to help you understand how to use one of the most powerful DAW's on the market.

  • Ableton Live Module Two

    Intermediate Level £1,450.00

    Ableton Live Module Two is designed for students who already have a good understanding of Live and music production. This course is designed to drill deeper into essential music production techniques and help you develop your sound.

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