Vocal Music Production

Join Beatport chart topper producer and vocalist Lizzie curious and Fabio Lendrum and learn how to use, record, construct and mix vocals into your music production.

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  • Fees: £395.00

Course Outline

Using vocals in your dance tracks creates a human connection that makes your track unique and easily recognisable and can help your music reach an anthem status. This bespoke weekend course, designed by two industry professionals, takes you through all the vital elements of Vocal Production, using a highly interactive and hands-on method.

This course is perfect for anyone with a basic knowledge of Logic who is looking to learn more about vocal production. Whether you want to record vocals from your home studio or hire out a professional space to record in, we'll give you the key techniques to work with vocals recorded live in the studio and from sample packs.

The SubBass Vocal production course can be booked as a bespoke 121 course and you can choose your days and times with a total of 8 hours tuition included. You can add more hours if you wish please call the studio to book and discuss the course options.

All students will receive a Certificate Of Completion upon successfully completing this course (upon request).

Course Content

  • Intro to different mics, recording set up, managing acoustics
  • How to create the right professional environment for your recording at home
  • Setting up the recording channel/loops/understanding levels/feedback/microphone techniques
  • Recording on a loop (track stack)
  • Working towards a perfect 8 bar chorus & adlibs
  • Focusing on pitch, phrasing, rhythm, breaths
  • Recording BV’s, Harmonies and Whisper/Shouts
  • Working with sample pack vocals
  • Time stretching acapellas to work with your track
  • Pitching and editing an acapella sample
  • Honing in on hooks and finding that hit phrase
  • Arranging vocals in logic
  • Fades & equal power crossfades
  • Bussing and Grouping
  • Mixing – Levels, Panning, Compression, EQ, Pitch Correction
  • Using personalised Subbass made presets – Male vs Female
  • Saving Channel Strip Settings
  • FX – Reverb & Delay
  • Various Styles (Presets): Autotune Hip Hop, Deep House, Megaphone
  • Importing vocal into EXS24 and using as MIDI instrument
  • Creating a new rhythm using cut-up vocals with EXS24
  • Creating templates and personalised presets

Course Instructor(s)

Fabio Lendrum

Fabio Lendrum

Young, Fresh and talented music production tutor Fabio Lendrum brings a dynamic and modern approach to the SubBass classroom.

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