Our Instructors

SubBass instructors are highly experienced current industry professionals

  • Paul Thomas

    Internationally acclaimed DJ and chart topping music producer Paul Thomas brings his wealth of industry knowledge and understanding of how to build a successful career to the SubBass classroom.

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  • Fabio Lendrum

    Young, Fresh and talented music production tutor Fabio Lendrum brings a dynamic and modern approach to the SubBass classroom.

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  • Michael L Penman

    Internationally renowned producer Michael Penman brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the SubBass classroom.

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  • Alex Grover

    Young, fresh and talented DJ and Music producer brings his skills and enthusiasm to the SubBass classroom.

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  • Jonny Miller

    London’s Jonny Miller has spent the last twenty three years immersed in the underground electronic music scene, and brings his Ableton Live music production skills to SubBass.

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"I recently went through the SubBass 'making house music' and 'how to make electro and big beats' online courses and thought they were both fantastic... Overall I'd say these courses are amongst the very best resources I've ever found."

Chris Graham