Phil Misk or MiSK as he is known to his fans, has been DJing and producing music for the past 15 years under various guises. Initially frustrated by his lack of ability to play any conventional musical instruments (with his brothers both being able to play guitar and piano), the advent of the computer based music allowed Phil to set my musical ideas free. A Prodigy concert in 1995 spurred his music towards breakbeats and the dancefloor, until having toured the world with breakbeat act Splitloop I started embracing the darker side of house under the guise of MiSK.

Both solo and with production partner Arveene, MiSK has created some major waves in underground dance music. Over the past 2 years we've clocked up nearly 30 genre-busting remixes for the likes of S-Express, White Lies, Kelis, The Prodigy, Felix Da Housecat, Mr Ozio, Kitsune, Zombie Nation, Ed Banger, Gung Ho!, Turbo Recordings and The Bang Gang.

With original productions on Cheaper Thrills, MofoHifi, Top Billin', Animal Language, Plant Records NYC, Bang Gang and Gung Ho! having all dropped to full effect on dancefloors worldwide, I like to keep things fresh by also producing for several Dublin based bands, along with music and sound for TV, Radio and Web media projects... all with Ableton Live!

Phil has been been working with Ableton since it's 2nd version, and as the functionality of the program grew, Phil found he was using Cubase and ProTools less and less, and just concentrating on Ableton. The workflow is just amazing, it's more like lego than a traditional sequencer. Any ideas you have can be sketched out and fleshed into fully finished pieces within hours. It's definitely the shortest distance between your head and the speakers.

Phil started teaching Ableton Live a few years ago as part of some production workshops in Ireland with NOKIA, and began tutoring people one on one from there - this resulted in being invited by Ableton to be part of their first ever Irish certification program. " Teaching a program you love and use every day is amazing, there are so many people who thought they wouldn't ever be able to write a track who surprise themselves just a few weeks after their first Ableton session... it's a great thing to be a part of ".