Our Instructors

SubBass instructors are highly experienced current industry professionals

  • Michael L Penman

    Michael L Penman

    Internationally renowned producer Michael Penman brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the SubBass classroom.

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  • Jonny Miller

    Jonny Miller

    London’s Jonny Miller has spent the last twenty three years immersed in the underground electronic music scene, and brings his Ableton Live music production skills to SubBass.

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  • D.Ramirez


    D Ramirez's is one of the best known names in the electronic music Industry and brings his wealth of Knowledge and talent to SubBass

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  • Fabio Lendrum

    Fabio Lendrum

    Young, Fresh and talented music production tutor Fabio Lendrum brings a dynamic and modern approach to the SubBass classroom.

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  • Si Tew

    Si Tew

    Si Tew is a DJ, Producer and Performer making everything from neck snapping hiphop to deep moody electronica. Check out his course for SubBass Online.

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