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Live 121 music production courses with Logic Pro or Ableton Live, delivered via remote learning software. Subscribe to the SubBass Academy Online school for unlimited access to music production tutorial course content, learn to make music with the leading course provider in the UK.

Learn Music Production with Subbass

Our music production courses are now being delivered via remote training software. We have found that this is just as effective and dedicated as a delivery method, students and tutors taking SubBass Academy music production courses are loving the experience.

SubBass Academy has been delivering music production courses from our central London recording studio for over 20 years and for the first time that expertise is now available from anywhere in the world via our remote learning software. Learn music production from your own home or studio with weekly live tutor sessions and follow our online music production tutorial content helping you develop your music production skills quickly and effectively.

Live 121 courses

  • Logic Pro music production courses
  • Ableton Live music production courses
  • Choose your music style
  • Dedicated 121 live sessions
  • Delivered to you live at home
  • Take from any location worldwide
  • Get released on SubBass Recordings

Just like having the tutor in your computer and we are able to demonstrate, watch you work, feedback and advise. Taking you through a dedicated and immersive learning experience.

Online subscription

With a huge variety of courses including program basics, advance techniques, mixing and mastering, making house, making techno and much much more. Starting at just £14.99 a month an online subscription is amazing value for money and works well alongside a live 121 production course.

  • Access course content 24/7
  • New courses added weekly
  • Dedicated course content
  • Logic Pro and Ableton Live online music production courses
  • Review course content with a live tutor session
  • Release your music on SubBass Recordings


The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to take a Logic Pro or Ableton Live music production course. Both DAWs are fantastic, so it's really down to which you prefer the look and feel of. Logic is a Mac only DAW, so if you are a PC user then Ableton would be the best option for you. Feel free to call us for advice on this and any other questions you have about our music production courses and online subscription courses. We can also book you in for a session to cover both DAW's and answer your questions.

Combine your courses

A great way to learn music production is to combine an online subscription with weekly live 121 sessions. This gives you the opportunity to follow the tutorial based course content and then use the weekly sessions with your tutor to ask questions, check progress and further expand you music production knowledge. This is proving a really successful combination with our music production course students and we are getting amazing feedback. Our Online music production courses give you the freedom to study in your own time and the live tutor sessions will help develop your skills to a much deeper level.

SubBass student reviews on Google and Facebook

  • Highly recommend the Subbass Academy Online Course. I have learned a lot from the various courses, in particular Ableton Module One. Great teachers and thoroughly enjoyable!

    Cairbre Ó Cairealláin (Facebook)

  • My experience at SubBass Academy of Electric Music was an absolute joy, I loved every moment of my six months there. I've also taken out a online subscription from the SubBass website so I can study even more of the great course again, but even more so as there is a ton of other courses to learn from which is included the online subscription. The online subscription course is invaluable for me, and will be for you, because you will get your track and mixing to a high standard and to a correct level where you can get your finished track off for mastering.

    Terance Baza Cape (Facebook)

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