SubBass Students

For 18 years SubBass has helped students get their first gigs and releases, whilst every month SubBass students get the chance to play at Ministry of Sound in London.

Student Success Stories

  • Jess Bays

    Jess Bays

    Since attending the SubBass DJ Complete course in 2014 Jess Bays has become a major force in clubland, with a Defected Residency, American tours and regular Ibiza trips.

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  • Roger That

    Roger That

    Since attending DJ courses and Music Production course at SubBass Academy in 2015 Roger That has become a regular at some of the biggest events in the UK and worldwide.

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  • Gagan Baderiya

    Gagan Baderiya

    Since attending SubBass Academy Gagan Baderiya has forged a successful career working on multiple music production opportunities, composing and scoring for numerous films and running a premier audio recording studio & creative audio agency, Audiokraft Studios, based out of Bangalore for 5 years.

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  • Hilton Caswell

    Hilton Caswell

    South African DJ Hilton Caswell studied with SubBass Academy back in 2005 and has gone on to tour more than 50 countries.

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  • Mike koglin

    Mike koglin

    One of the biggest names in Trance over the past 20 years, DJ and music producer Mike Koglin was a DJ course student at SubBass way back in the early days of the Academy.

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