SubBass Students

For 18 years SubBass has helped students get their first gigs and releases, whilst every month SubBass students get the chance to play at Ministry of Sound in London.

Student Success Stories

  • Shane Davies

    Shane Davies

    After taking SubBass DJ and Music production course, and playing for SubBass at Ministry Of Sound Shane is now a regular face in the 103 at Ministry

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  • James Murray

    James Murray

    James Murray is currently one of the freshest and brightest talents around on the house music scene. DJ’ing for the past 10 years, James is the mastermind behind the successful Gifted...

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  • Felix Lüttringhaus

    Felix Lüttringhaus

    Since Felix attended SubBass Academy and completed his Ableton Level 1 and Music Business courses he has performed at respected venues in Berlin and has been signed to a label with an upcoming EP.

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  • Lay N Browne

    Lay N Browne

    After taking part in DJ and Music Production Courses at Subbass, Dan Lay played his first set at the world famous Ministry of Sound in London

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  • Joelo


    Joel Rojas Domblas, or Joelo as he is known to his fans, came all the way from Mexico to study in London at Subbass in 2008. He took part in both music production and DJ courses

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